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Through respect, commitment and collaborations with the Indigenous community we have created effective and efficient programs. Our programs that are delivered in a relevant, supportive and culturally sensitive manner, have proven to be very successful. As we progress and build on good practices we continue to offer appropriate, current, and relevant programs through continued evaluation of program curriculum, procedures, priorities, direction and feedback received from; instructors, practicum hosts, students, RIEL Institute board members, Steering committee members and committee members at large.



Indigenous People Delivering Services to Our Own People


As our Indigenous population increases, so does the need for credible training programs with sensitivity to Indigenous cultural and spiritual needs.

Life Enhancement cultural awareness and Indigenous Studies are an integral part of all our programs. Elder involvement is critical to our outcomes; we rely on the practice of Elder counseling.

In all of our programs individual student needs are given special attention based on significance. Enhancing the delivery process and overcoming barriers to which our programs result in a high level of retention and success.

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