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About RIEL Institute for Education & Learning


Who We Are


The RIEL Institute for Education & Learning is a non-profit society that was formed in 2000, developed in collaboration and cooperation between community individuals and organizations. Our philosophy, mission, and goals are all directed towards providing Indigenous People with education which will allow them to participate in the workforce in a fulfilling and economically viable manner.


Statistics show that one of the largest barriers to success for Indigenous people is retention in education; this continues to be our greatest success. Our programs are delivered in a supportive atmosphere with emphasis on cultural knowledge, building self-esteem and cultural pride. Lack of cultural pride is one of the largest barriers to healthy levels of self-esteem.


We recognize the multitude of barriers faced by Indigenous people when attempting to access quality educational opportunities. We are determined to meet our obligations to offer these individuals a supportive and creative option to gaining this quality education. Through our inclusion of elders, tutoring, Life Enhancement, and Medicine Wheel training to aide in personal growth, we assist our students to break these barriers and bridge the gap to successful educational attainment.


Executive Director






Wendy Lindberg

Our History

The RIEL Institute was created in 2000 for the purpose of delivering the Aboriginal Family and Youth Support Program. The work involved with starting the society, developing curriculum, creating a partnership with Alberta Human Services was spear headed by our late President of the Board of Directors, Joan Tornberg.

Our Mission
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Through our commitment to excellence in Indigenous education, we strive to create an environment whereby all Indigenous people have the opportunity to access education and training in order to enhance their employment skills. We strive to ensure that our students become confident and are capable of shaping their future and meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.




The intent of the Board of Directors of the RIEL Institute is to provide the best possible education so it's Indigenous students will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be caring and contributing members of society. Through diverse methodology we encourage our students to be respectful, responsible, global citizens who demonstrate tolerance and acceptance. In our supportive and culturally sensitive environment our students are challenged to reach their full potential.




We envision a time when Indigenous people will enjoy a sense of belonging in our society. No longer overrepresented in the numbers of undereducated, unemployed, incarcerated, and living in poverty. We believe the way to achieve this goal is through education. We will know we are continuing to achieve our mission, if the economical viability of our Indigenous learners demonstrates continual improvement, if our students are motivated and confident in their ability to learn, and if there is an eagerness to attend classes and proudness to achieve at the highest possible level.


Our staff members, proud advocates of Indigenous education, are committed to providing a collaborative, caring, and holistic nurturing environment that respects diversity and encourages success.

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