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Warriors 2 Leaders

Indigenous After School Connections Program

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About the Program

Warriors 2 Leaders engages and empowers students to utilize and build resiliency to be successful in education. Participants create connections and awareness of available community supports to enable them to develop balance in their lives, find healthy and safe spaces for them to be themselves, and to experience success. We build inclusivity and create strategies to remove barriers that prevent success in school. We have created partnerships with various community organizations and institutions to enhance our programming. These partnerships enable us to provide and encourage cultural activities, sports activities, access to basic needs supports, and connection to safe and supportive Indigenous mentors and community members. We encourage students to explore possibilities through connections with Indigenous centers and students at post-secondary institutions. We encourage students to explore the realm of possibilities to build on desire and the drive to succeed.

Our partnerships allow us to engage with students in and out of school in various activities. We have worked for many years creating retention strategies with youth and adult students. We work to expand these strategies to align with students currently enrolled in the junior and high school systems. We help students build connections to their culture, community, and other students who can support them in their journeys. We have found building connections and having a community are key to success for our people.

Our project activities include but are not limited to: land-based activities, homework help, career exploration, mentoring, connecting with mentors, attending community and cultural events, & offering resources.

We have Elders and cultural teachers that work with us, through their teachings we will be able to offer students attendance at a wide range of cultural activities, teachings and events at our school and throughout the community.

We are creating and encouraging environments where students develop connections with various community members, Elders, agencies, and post-secondary students and institutions, that will be there to support and encourage them through their educational journeys.


Program is held during the school year and continues through the summer months. Program is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the exception of attending community events on some weekends. Program is free to participants and meals are provide. Participants can be 14 - 19 years of age and enrolled in junior or high school. 

To register or for more information, please contact us at

Program Details

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