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The following services are available to all students currently enrolled in any program of the RIEL Institute.




If you are falling behind, having difficulty, or just looking to brush up on certain classes, we will be able to offer assistance in the form of:


  • Peer Tutoring Sessions


  • One-on-One Staff Tutoring Sessions


  • Group Tutoring Sessions with Instructors



Career Exploration


Visit the following websites to get more information on possible careers in your field of study.



Basic Needs Referrals


We offer assistance referrals and will provide assistance in obtaining basic needs support from various resources in the community. Possible assistance referrals are listed, but not limited to, those found below.


  • Low Income Housing


  • Food Bank


  • Fee Assistance


  • Fine Options


  • Women in Need


  • Walk-In Closet



Personal Counselling Services


All students are encouraged to take part in the Elder sharing circles which are held bi-weekly.

Students may also meet one-on-one with our on-site Elder if they feel uncomfortable speaking with the group.


We can provide referrals to support services in the community such as:


  • Abuse Services


  • Addictions Services


  • Marital Services

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