Program Overview:

The Indigenous Youth Connections - FAST TRACK program is 2 weeks of paid job training followed by a 14 weeks paid work experience. This program was created for Indigenous youth between the ages of 18 to 30 years old who are unemployed and lack job skills. RIEL Institute can help provide essential job skills that are required in todays job market. This program is different from others because it has an Indigenous approach to learning. This includes taking courses in Native Studies, taking part in morning smudge with our onsite Elder amongst many others. When our youth graduate they leave with professional portfolios which include a cover letter, resume and various certificates. The best part is that youth get paid a minimum wage just for coming to class! All while learning the tools they will need when entering into the job market. If you are an unemployed youth with a strong desire to succeed and move forward with your life than our program is for you!

The RIEL Institute will help students obtain a work experience placement and will continue to pay students $15/hr for 30 hrs/week for the duration of the 14 week work experience component. We place students in entry-level positions in a wide variety of industries. 


  • Unemployed

  • Indigenous

  • Aged 18-30

  • In need of a life plan

  • Lacking skills to get a job


We can give you:

  • 2 weeks paid training at minimum wage ($15/hour)

  • Daycare and transportation costs

  • Skills needed to find and keep a job

  • Supported work experience

  • Certificate workshops


Additional Information:

All candidates will undergo an interview prior to acceptance into the program. RIEL Institutes accepts applications all year round. Therefore, you can apply today to get started building a career! If you would like more information please contact: 403- 248-0824 to speak to a staff member.

If this sounds like the program for you  Please visit our ADMISSIONS page to apply or click the button below. please click on the button below to apply.